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Mr. Harper is a magical creature that can shape shift at his will. He often takes the form of a funny bald guy, posing as a band teacher. Or a French Horn, even though there's absolutely nothing french about them. He has married his Senpai Laura, who plays Oboe. He likes to play the curly, golden flute, and the wooden form of puberty. He also loves to eat sandwiches. He does mind being called Jimmy. To clarify, do NOT call him Jimmy!!! (also don't call him "dad")

FACTS About the Mythical beast and his french horn "Frenchy"Edit

The being known as Mr. Harper is mysterious, but we do know some little facts about him. For example, his last name is Harper, and his first name is Mr. He can Jazz almost as good as Barry B Benson, but not quite. He can make noise with anything, including a banana peel. He loves sandwiches more than he likes geese and ducks. He has been spotted going to the front office with a GI Joe lunch box between 11:00 and 11:15. It is unknown what he does while he is in the office, but everyday a sixth grader goes into the office and doesn't come back out. His bald head is so shiny, it is visible from space. To achieve this shininess, he uses the "squidward technique" in which his head is sprayed with water then sanded down. He also loves the ABC's. His favorite number is 'ter'. Though he often associates it with the awful wooden form of puberty. He has two batons that he uses for conducting. He often decides which to use based on his outfit. The mystical Mr. Harper is known to have piles and piles of memes in his cave. So far only one brave soul has gotten in and seen them all, and survive. He had this to say: "It's actually kinda disappointing. It wasn't worth losing my arm for it". The legendary beast meows his favorite music pieces instead of playing. Also even though he loves all instruments he loves the brass the most. He loves them more than his child french horn "Frenchy". Mr. Harper is, in fact, stronger than Thanos (even with the Infinity Stones). His power is only matched by Hayden's Mystical Mouthpiece. Behind them is the mighty Tuba Battalion.


  1. If you make a mess don't clean it up
  2. If you uncover or uncase it, leave it a mess
  3. If you value it drop it and leave
  4. If you break it walk away
  5. If you can't fix it blame it on the oboe players
  6. If you borrow it leave it in the trash can
  7. If you don't know how to use it try anyway (but don't try the flute)

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Mr. Harper and his child french horn Its name is Frenchy

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